A Brief Strategy to Take advantage of Fintech for Business Needs

In building, managing, and maintaining a business, certainly a lot of business needs that must be met. Starting from the knowledge of a qualified in running a business, the selection of the right employees, and of course the capital that isn’t small. Capital itself will generally be used for various business needs, such as: The[…]

Benefits of Funding for Students Who Want to Manage Money On Their Own

Independence is the key to success in the future. Therefore, college students must make sure to benefit by starting funding early on. There are many types of funding that a student can try. Some types of funding are: Education Funding Includes purchasing textbooks, downloading journals, and spending time learning. This type of funding is the[…]

Ahead of Lebaran, Time to Help People by Lending Your Money at P2P Fintech

Helping others by providing loans can be done anytime. But it would be better if done early on. The quicker Sobat Pintar helps people by lending your money, the quicker you reap the rewards. For such moments before Ramadan and Eid, starting lending money on trusted fintech platforms seems a very smart choice. Funding by[…]

Financial Revolution Era, Faster Business Funding with Fintech

In today’s digital age, every business and industry is growing. No exception to the financial world. Starting a business funding or a desire to help others with business funding can be very easy to do. What else if not the advantages that fintech presented? In addition, this increasingly sophisticated financial industry is evident from several[…]

Leave Consumtive Lifestyle, Start Personal Funding to Improve Financial Condition

Lifelike lifestyle (consumptive) can harm Sobat Pintar financial condition. With fintech, these issues can be solved by online funding or lending your money that can make Sobat Pintar financial conditions improve. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should start organizing finances from now on. Managing finances is not just about how to save money, but also about things[…]

The Importance of Early Funding for Your Family Economy

There are many types of funding that Sobat Pintar can try. But not just try it, Sobat Pintar should dive deeper into it! Why? Getting started with the right funding can improve your financial and economic level. When do we have to start saving money in the form of funding? The answer is as soon[…]

Fintech for Small Business, Apply a Loan for Small Capital

In building, managing, and maintaining a small business certainly requires a lot of things, the most important is the needs of the small business is fulfilled. In addition, of course, there is a qualified business knowledge, proper employee selection, and the capital that’s not small to be met. Capital itself will generally be used for[…]

How to Fix Your Personal Financial Condition with Fintech

Everyone has their own financial problems. And every problem, of course, there is a solution. Of the many problems, finance is the most experienced problem. Based on the survey, more than 90% of the world’s population has financial problems. The solution to the financial problem is more money, or better management. If you get the[…]

Information Technology is Advancing, Adapt Yourself with Fintech for Further Profit!

Many people say that information is power. This is also true in the world of economy. Who can use and read financial information with technology will certainly be stronger than those who can not understand and implement it in everyday life. There are various uses of financial information technology, among which are: Reading stock market[…]

Living Well, Prioritize Arranging Family Finance First!

Unpreparedness in managing family finances can lead to the emergence of some financial problems. Especially in the time of the emergence of unexpected needs. Therefore, preparing as early as possible is the only mandatory option. Some financial problems that can arise if you do not prepare to manage family finances include: The emergence of unexpected[…]