Ahead of Lebaran, Time to Start Funding in Fintech P2P Lending

Now, doing funding can be done anytime thanks to fintech. But it would be better if done early on. The faster Sobat Pintar does the funding, the quicker you get the results. For moments such as before Ramadhan and Eid, ‘saving’ through funding in fintech seems to be a very smart choice. Funding in fintech[…]

Benefits of Funding for Students Who Want to Manage Money On Their Own

Independence is the key to success in the future. Therefore, college students must make sure to benefit by starting funding early on. There are many types of funding that a student can try. Some types of funding are: Education Funding Includes purchasing textbooks, downloading journals, and spending time learning. This type of funding is the[…]

Early Tips on Managing Your Finance Post-Lebaran

Although the celebration of Ied/Lebaran is still a month away, setting up the post-Eid finance must be paid attention to in advance. Why? Because after the Eid, your finances will feel back to zero. So, often you feel no longer have anything. This is reasonable given the number of expenditures in the month, such as:[…]

It’s Near Ramadhan! Take advantage of Online Loans for Your Daily Needs

As the holy month of Ramadhan approaches, the shadow of spending as fasting gets bigger in front of the eyes. If you don’t prepare enough funds, for now, there could be a problem that overshadows Sobat Pintar. As for some needs and preparations that must be prepared, among others are: Preparation Towards Ramadhan As we[…]

In addition to Saving, Take Online Loans to Build a Business

There is a saying, “Time is money”. And there is another saying that time is priceless. On other occasions, many say that you have to build a business from now! Why? Because every second that Sobat Pintar delays to build your business, every second has also been discarded. Imagine if Sobat Pintar build your business[…]

How to Fix Your Personal Financial Condition with Fintech

Everyone has their own financial problems. And every problem, of course, there is a solution. Of the many problems, finance is the most experienced problem. Based on the survey, more than 90% of the world’s population has financial problems. The solution to the financial problem is more money, or better management. If you get the[…]

Simple Strategy to Take Advantage of Fintech for your Personal Need

Whatever the job, age, ethnicity, or religion of Sobat Pintar, everyone has a personal need. And this need has a different level of urgency. There are things to be met, some can be postponed, some may not be filled at all. The needs that must be met are: Medication Cost Whether Sobat Pintar or a[…]

The Importance of Investment For Financial Freedom in the Future!

Now, the price of various needs jumps rapidly due to fluctuations in the value of the currency. People began to set aside income in various forms. Either saving, buying assets, until investing for future financial freedom. Some people whose lives depend on a monthly salary, certainly feel burdened when they have to set aside their[…]

Prepare Yourself to Organize Financial Plan on Ramadhan!

It can’t be denied the whole month celebration like a Ramadhan is fun. Sobat Pintar can take a relaxing vacation too. But the number of price increases in the time of Ramadhan is also required to manage the financial plan to improve the family’s financial condition. There are so many problems if you neglect to[…]

What’s the Cause of Money Quickly Runs Out?

Although the amount of money feels unlimited, the money we have often feel very limited. As a result, just for a moment, it seems the money we have has run out just like that. So, what’s the cause of the money quickly runs out? This is necessary for us to find out to find a[…]