Easy Way to Start Investing, Use Trusted Fintech

There are many ways to start investing. But the most important is the capital in the form of money. How to get it? Sobat Pintar can use your own savings, Sobat Pintar can pawn the goods as collateral, or can also borrow money first to relatives to start the initial investment. However, not everyone has[…]

It’s Near Ramadhan! Take advantage of Online Loans for Your Daily Needs

As the holy month of Ramadhan approaches, the shadow of spending as fasting gets bigger in front of the eyes. If you don’t prepare enough funds, for now, there could be a problem that overshadows Sobat Pintar. As for some needs and preparations that must be prepared, among others are: Preparation Towards Ramadhan As we[…]

In addition to Saving, Take Online Loans to Build a Business

There is a saying, “Time is money”. And there is another saying that time is priceless. On other occasions, many say that you have to build a business from now! Why? Because every second that Sobat Pintar delays to build your business, every second has also been discarded. Imagine if Sobat Pintar build your business[…]

Fintech for Small Business, Apply a Loan for Small Capital

In building, managing, and maintaining a small business certainly requires a lot of things, the most important is the needs of the small business is fulfilled. In addition, of course, there is a qualified business knowledge, proper employee selection, and the capital that’s not small to be met. Capital itself will generally be used for[…]

More and More Loans from Various Fintech, Beware of Fraud!

In various media, many financial companies based on financial technology or fintech market their services. It is the reasonable and legitimate course. But over time, now many technology-based financial services that apparently implement fraud and harmful scheme. Some of the harmful schemes include things like: Raising customer funds without a clear fund-usage scheme Managing customer[…]

How to Fix Your Personal Financial Condition with Fintech

Everyone has their own financial problems. And every problem, of course, there is a solution. Of the many problems, finance is the most experienced problem. Based on the survey, more than 90% of the world’s population has financial problems. The solution to the financial problem is more money, or better management. If you get the[…]

Simple Strategy to Take Advantage of Fintech for your Personal Need

Whatever the job, age, ethnicity, or religion of Sobat Pintar, everyone has a personal need. And this need has a different level of urgency. There are things to be met, some can be postponed, some may not be filled at all. The needs that must be met are: Medication Cost Whether Sobat Pintar or a[…]

Shopping Tips Before Ramadhan, Still Consumtive When Price Soars

We all know in the month of fasting (Ramadhan) the prices will rise. Especially before and a few days after Eid. But Sobat Pintar can try some of the following Ramadhan savings tips to ensure that your family’s finances remain stable. As for some tips, it will be very useful to ensure: Sobat Pintar Finance[…]

The Importance of Investment For Financial Freedom in the Future!

Now, the price of various needs jumps rapidly due to fluctuations in the value of the currency. People began to set aside income in various forms. Either saving, buying assets, until investing for future financial freedom. Some people whose lives depend on a monthly salary, certainly feel burdened when they have to set aside their[…]

Avoid Waste Excessive Money, Here’s Tips For Saving During Ramadhan

When Ramadhan comes, usually there will be many expenses that we need. It can’t be denied, Sobat Pintar should save money during Ramadan. Because if you’re not smart to manage finances or manage the funds, you will surely have an impact on the extravagant expenditure. Well, since next May has entered the month of Ramadan,[…]