Privacy Policy


Kredit Pintar is highly committed to maintain the privacy of Users. This page contains personal information that we collect from users, how we obtain and use it, how we manage, protect, and how we share it. Kredit Pintar shall not share any personal information of our users or ex-users except for the purposes of business activities including but not limited to identity verification for the purposes of a feasibility analysis of our loan products, to process transactions, carry out court orders or applicable law process, or reporting processes to OJK.


Kredit Pintar collects user's personal information such as what you have provided to us through the Platform and uses information from the usage of Platform automatically generated by the user when they interact with the Platform or other information accessed through the application programming interface (API).


The types of personal information we collect may include:

  Information we directly obtain from you through the Kredit Pintar Platform. Personal information (hereinafter "IP") is individualized information that serves as the identity of our users. The use of our services is entirely voluntary and you are not required to provide your IP unless you choose to use our services. IP is collected in the form of information such as: phone number, ID card data, bank account information, information about jobs, and educational information

  Information from credible and trusted third parties such as agencies providing customer service with respect to eligibility and credit history or from colleagues and family members you have listed as your relatives' data

  Information about your place of work/business and residence

  Information about your location through Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that helps us ensure your location is within the scope of our service so as to provide a better assessment of your credit score

  Information collected when you use the Kredit Pintar Platform, which we use to identify you to prevent fraudulent actions such as your IP address, contact data and communication history, etc.


The above information that we collect about you will be stored electronically and will be managed for the following purposes:

• To check that your submission is using your actual information, not others using your identity

• To determine your eligibility to obtain a loan under applicable terms

• To communicate with you about your account, as well as to make identification information when you call or visit our Platform, and provide updated information if there are any changes to our services

• To process the loan application and secure the transaction process safely to you if your loan is approved

• To assess your loan submission history and confirm your employment data

• To process your lending eligibility analysis and to estimate loan risk

• For the development of our mobile applications so as to always meet the needs of our users in the future

• To settle our obligations arising from contracts signed between you and us

• To facilitate financial institutions such as banks, financial institutions, or other third parties authorized to conduct limited checks about your status in our database or service.


Kredit Pintar is committed to protect your personal information. We will remain in line with the applicable provisions to ensure your information is safe and secure, as well as restricting access to protect you against all forms of fraud. When we provide a verification code, you are responsible for protecting your account's access code.


We will do our best to protect your personal information data, but we can not guarantee the security of your data when sent through our Platform, the process of transmitting that information is under your responsibility. When we have received your personal information, we will use strict procedures and security features in order to prevent unauthenticated access.


Kredit Pintar uses computer protection such as firewalls and data encryption, and authorizes access to personal information only to our employees who need it in performing their work. Only authorized employees can access the data and they must pass through some form of identity verification before accessing any information.


Kredit Pintar fully submits to and is compliant with the applicable Data Protection law and regulation in Indonesia.


We will only disclose your personal information to those who assist in performing certain parts of our business operations including but not limited to credit evaluation, customer service, payment, fraud prevention, secure data storage, collections and other similar services. This could be the following information:


Kredit Pintar may be required to share personal information with law enforcement officials, government officials or other third parties in the event of a subpoena, court order or other legal procedure or when and in good faith believe that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent financial loss, to report allegations of illegal activity, or to investigate violations of our user agreement.


Kredit Pintar will not sell or rent your personal information to any third party for business purposes and only share your personal information with third parties as described in this policy, unless we apply policy changes and notify you of such changes.


If you provide false and inaccurate and/or fraudulent information in your loan application, we may record it in your credit history and share the information with the legal entity or legal authorities and/or fraud prevention agency.