Easy Funding Options for College Students

As a student, especially living in the overseas or far from home, financial conditions are often problematic. Therefore, seeking additional funds needs to be done. Easy funding from saving some money or lend your money as a form of funding in lending fintech can be a viable option to consider. There are several reasons why[…]

Advantages of Funding Money in the Field of Lending Fintech

The purpose of investing is to make a profit. For that reason, Sobat Pintar should choose low-risk money funding but give a definite advantage and profits. There are several types of funding that are often chosen by the people in Indonesia, namely funding in the areas of: Property Education Insurance And Sale and Purchase Goods[…]

Financial Revolution Era, Faster Business Funding with Fintech

In today’s digital age, every business and industry is growing. No exception to the financial world. Starting a business funding or a desire to help others with business funding can be very easy to do. What else if not the advantages that fintech presented? In addition, this increasingly sophisticated financial industry is evident from several[…]

Leave Consumtive Lifestyle, Start Personal Funding to Improve Financial Condition

Lifelike lifestyle (consumptive) can harm Sobat Pintar financial condition. With fintech, these issues can be solved by online funding or lending your money that can make Sobat Pintar financial conditions improve. Therefore, Sobat Pintar should start organizing finances from now on. Managing finances is not just about how to save money, but also about things[…]