Shopping Tips Before Ramadhan, Still Consumtive When Price Soars

We all know in the month of fasting (Ramadhan) the prices will rise. Especially before and a few days after Eid. But Sobat Pintar can try some of the following Ramadhan savings tips to ensure that your family’s finances remain stable. As for some tips, it will be very useful to ensure: Sobat Pintar Finance[…]

The Importance of Investment For Financial Freedom in the Future!

Now, the price of various needs jumps rapidly due to fluctuations in the value of the currency. People began to set aside income in various forms. Either saving, buying assets, until investing for future financial freedom. Some people whose lives depend on a monthly salary, certainly feel burdened when they have to set aside their[…]

Avoid Waste Excessive Money, Here’s Tips For Saving During Ramadhan

When Ramadhan comes, usually there will be many expenses that we need. It can’t be denied, Sobat Pintar should save money during Ramadan. Because if you’re not smart to manage finances or manage the funds, you will surely have an impact on the extravagant expenditure. Well, since next May has entered the month of Ramadan,[…]

Fasting Equals Investment. Here’s the Proof!

Soon, the month of Ramadhan will arrive, and certainly many people who want to worship more by praying and doing good things of religion for investment in heaven later. Fasting in the month of Ramadan for Muslims is worship by abstaining from food, drink, and lust. This form of worship is believed to provide blessings[…]

Get Ready for Ramadhan, Here’s How to Manage Finance during the Month

Ramadhan is not only giving pleasure but also the responsibility for Moslems around the world. Although it’s still one month away, Sobat Pintar should manage the financial plan for Eid to keep personal or family finances stable. But leakage expenses always exist. So, how do you fix it? In order to be able to save[…]

Prepare Yourself to Organize Financial Plan on Ramadhan!

It can’t be denied the whole month celebration like a Ramadhan is fun. Sobat Pintar can take a relaxing vacation too. But the number of price increases in the time of Ramadhan is also required to manage the financial plan to improve the family’s financial condition. There are so many problems if you neglect to[…]

Tips on Managing Finance Ahead of Ramadhan. Start Your Own Business!

The moments before Ramadhan as it is now is awaited moment for all Moslem in the world. But there is a tips on managing finance ahead of Ramadhan, because the rising pricing factors that start ahead of Eid must make Sobat Pintar aware. Make sure that Sobat Pintar is ready to manage the family finances[…]

Beware of Family Finance Problems, Start Investing Now!

Of the many twists and turns of marriage, the problem most often experienced in the family is financial problems. Therefore, Sobat Pintar must be prepared and look for the cause of the family’s financial problems and knowing how to overcome them. As for several causes of financial problems in the household include: Excessive Daily Expenses[…]

Lost Money in Your Savings? Don’t Panic, This is the Causes!

It may sound silly, but who would have thought if the money in Sobat Pintar bank accounts or piggy bank sometimes just disappeared. It can’t be denied, Sobat Pintar must have experienced this in life at least once. So what causes the money in your savings can be lost? There are many causes of this,[…]

How To Overcome Difficult Financial Problems Without Need To Pawn Anything!

Are you living in a dorm and have difficult financial problems? Lots of ways to cope with financial problems. The important thing is how to get good at managing your finances, and whether you have a commitment to solve difficult financial problems. There are several causes of your difficult financial problems, namely: Spend too much[…]