Avoid Scams, Pay Your Kredit Pintar Billings Securely

Hello Sobat Pintar! This article will discuss Kredit Pintar payment steps and understand the secure and convenient lending process. Well, for Sobat Pintar who have borrowed at Kredit Pintar and have difficulty in the process of payment, calm down first, because we want to deliver the information about how simple the payment is, according to[…]

Arranging Finance After Married, Husband and Wife Must Agree!

Getting married to a person that Sobat Pintar love could indeed be one of the benchmarks of successful life. However, it is just the beginning of life and you will be facing new many challenges. Sobat Pintar has to face many future needs so that financial arrangements after marriage obliged you to think carefully from[…]

Arrange Your Finance in Business More Effectively, What’s the Trick?

Smooth business growth is dependent on marketing and how good the actual product is. But no matter how good you’re at marketing, poor management or financial arrangements can cause serious problems. As for some serious problems include: Unbalanced revenues and expenses Accounting records that do not fit the target To avoid these things, the right[…]

Living Well, Prioritize Arranging Family Finance First!

Unpreparedness in managing family finances can lead to the emergence of some financial problems. Especially in the time of the emergence of unexpected needs. Therefore, preparing as early as possible is the only mandatory option. Some financial problems that can arise if you do not prepare to manage family finances include: The emergence of unexpected[…]

Arranging Finance As a Student Without Make a Lecture a mess

For a student, especially a university student, managing finance as a student is very important. This needs to be done well so that sufficient money is still intact for everyday needs. There are some needs of a student, especially college students, among them are: Pay the rent Pay the tuition fee Meal needs and other[…]

Arrange Your Financial Plan, Make Your 3 Million IDR Salary Spend Effectively

Many people complain that it is so difficult to manage monthly finances with a salary of 3 million rupiahs. This is reasonable, given the increasing cost of living over time. But basically, living with a salary of 3 million is not something to be concerned about. If you live in the countryside, a salary of[…]

Managing Monthly Financial More Effectively

Generally, every worker receives a salary per month. Therefore, the average person set monthly financial needs with the aim that the salary is sufficient for the needs for 1 month. This arrangement is necessary to ensure 3 things, namely: Set expenses to avoid “financial leak” Arrange for monthly income to be sufficient for everyday purposes[…]

Setting Personal Finances for Better Future

The most difficult thing when managing personal finances is the temptation to use the money for needs that are not really necessary. As a result, common problems arise such as: The absence of funds when an urgent need arises Don’t have any savings for the future Trapped in debt To that end, managing personal finances[…]

Housewife Tips and Trick for Managing Household Finance

A housewife has a huge responsibility to manage family finances. All family finances depend heavily on a housewife’s ability to split income into budget items that are important to make the income sufficient. Setting up housewives’ finances is not easy. There are some things that make it so difficult, including: There Are So Many Unexpected[…]