How To Choose A Safe Short Term Investment

The tendency of a person to continue to fall into business and fraud investment is increasing every year, though many types of short-term investments are classified as safe and provide good benefits. As for some of the reasons why one is easily caught in fraud investment, among others are: Trying to Plunge into a World[…]

Tips on Managing Finances After Married

Arranging finances after marriage is not easy task.There are various needs that need to be met and prepared. And of course, you require funds in the amount that is not small. Unfortunately, many couples do not seem ready for financial arrangements. Some of the reasons for such unpreparedness are: * Feeling of not having “basic”[…]

Financial Condition Openness? Let’s (Not) Learn From US

As citizens of Indonesia, different financial conditions are experienced by every household. Various ways to achieve a stable financial condition can be achieved by everyone, but of course, to achieve it takes sacrifice and the right strategy. Good money management can start from the openness of talking about money. In Indonesia alone, the ‘talk’ about[…]

Manage Finance Smoothly, Create a Harmonious Household Together

Finance can be a benchmark of how harmonious your family. In addition to crucial things, regulating the financial condition as a means of exchange and investment also affect the happiness of the household. How to manage money should not be arbitrary, there are many ways you can implement. Setting your financial condition is different when[…]

The Smart Way to Manage Finance for Moms

Difficulties in managing the finances can be experienced by anyone, from the trouble to set aside some income to allocate a budget for certain activities, anyone ever felt it. Especially for mothers, the worry in managing the finances is arguably not just a major issue, there are many things to be dealt with like child[…]

No Financial Plan? Here’s the Results

Everyone has their own priorities in life. There is a career priority, family, and some even put forward the affairs of his love. From the various priorities we can choose, almost all of them need good financial planning. Not just aimed at parents or who are already financially established, young people also must understand with[…]

OJK Ready to Facilitate Investment Management for Infrastructure

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) has stated its position to support the Ministry of National Planning and Development (PPN / Bappenas) to encourage long-term fund managers to invest their managed funds into government-owned infrastructure projects. Wimboh Santoso, as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of OJK revealed that currently, they are preparing six schemes for the[…]

Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Front of Us, Jokowi Wants Financial Industry Ready

The development of the industrial world continues to accelerate, as the development of information technology is also increasing with various innovations that appear every day. Now, entering the era of industry 4.0 or the era of the industry that is all completely digital makes the various sectors of financial services would not want to have[…]

Avoid Financial Crisis with Understanding These 4 Things!

The financial condition of each person is different, but there are similarities between one another, namely the desire to avoid the financial crisis. The glamorous lifestyle and high consumption levels have proven to be one of the causes of the personal financial crisis. Well, this article will discuss what can make your financial crisis. Let’s[…]